7 changes make the conversion in your Shopify store increase


7 changes make the conversion in your Shopify store increase

All online retailers want to boost the conversions. Actually, there are various ways to improve the conversion in online store. In this post, we introduce you 7 things you need change if you want the conversion in your Shopify store better.

Let’s see which they are?

  1. Swap main and alternate images

The image of product you show first should be always the best one. This image may present your product in a setting or on a model. And then the next images will show the alternate views about the clarification of products features.

  1. Display “Free shipping” next to products and calls to action

As customer’s psychology, they are all want to get free shipping. Paying for transforming fee always sometimes makes shoppers consider about whether buy this product or not. Free shipping can easily attract customers and motivate them buy a product. in some cases, customers still buy a free shipping mid-quality product instead of a high quality one which need to pay for transforming although two of them have same price.

  1. Change the color of the Add to cart, checkout, and submit buttons

Colors play an important role in conversion process so store owners should concern about this. But if you don’t have much time to change things up throughout the entire site, you can totally do via CSS. As research on shoppers, color is the reason they buy a particular product.

  1. Display accepted payment icons on every page

Not all people own Visa and MasterCard, therefore, you need show all choices to shoppers to let them know which payments they can use in your store. If you post all things clearly, shoppers can save time to determine and they can make purchases faster. Or for someone, they can leave your store if they have to spend much time to be able to buy a product in your store

  1. Display stock status

When only a handful are left, it display the number in stock create a sense of urgency

  1. Place Add to cart on category pages and search results

This feature may work with not all products lines, but if you can apply with any products, let’s do. That helps speed up the process and increase potential sales

  1. Increase the font size

Even a slight boost can help keep your shoppers from squinting or zooming. On a responsive site, this change should have minimal effect on the page’s overall layout. In fact, it might make everything look a million bucks better. Even the smallest of changes can make a difference — hopefully a positive one — so be sure to annotate in Google Analytics or related software. By notating exactly when you made any sort of change you can better determine if the alteration was for the good or the bad.

Hope that the sharing above can help you increase the conversion in your Shopify store.

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