4 tips for making a Shopify web design SEO friendly


4 tips for making a Shopify web design SEO friendly

To get the better ranking, your Shopify website has not only keyword-rich content but also the website design because the search engines scan both of these two factors to rank the searching results. Here, we show you some tips which help you have a design SEO friendly for your Shopify website.

  1. Add suitable visuals to the page

You know that the content is the first point for search engines ranks your website. Therefore, besides the text, you also add the images and videos to make your products more attractive and interesting. But it doesn’t mean that you add a lot of videos or infographics to the content on your page. The search engines will not able to scan your site and even detect keywords in. And your website will be out of the ranking

  1. Always create a content with a header

Breaking up your content with headers is a smart idea for make the ranking better because it makes your content scannable and easy to read and also boost your SEO- if you utilize them properly.

  1. Mobile-friendly means SEO-friendly

Now, searchers intend to use mobile devices so it’d better if you offer a better mobile experience. You should create a mobile version of your website and create design- layouts adapting to all devices. In addition, search engines hate the spam or even duplicate content. But if you have version for both PC and mobile devices, it means you have same pages on both

  1. Get more visitors

An interesting, helpful and easy to use web will attract more visitors. Besides, you should give visitors clear instructions to help them easy to find what they want. It will keep them engaged with your website and as a result, your websites will have better traffic as well

Hope that 4 tips above will help you have a SEO-friendly Shopify website.

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