3 tips to increase engagement with your Shopify store


3 tips to increase engagement with your Shopify store

The rate of engagement is one of the main factors influences on your return. There are several ways to increase engagement with your Shopify store, but in this post, we just give you the most effective ones.

Before increasing engagement, you have to ensure that you engage visitors of your Shopify store and customers with your brand and with your product or service.

Let’s see which awesome tips will help increase engagement with your store!

Maximizing the potential of social media

Social media is now a potential market for announcing anything. And applying it to business is a smart choice. There are many social networks you can use to increase engagement like Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter and so on. However, we recommend you concentrate on Instagram because it has been shown to offer 25% more brand engagement and produces a higher average order value then other networks. You can research for the top influencers in your sector and send them information about, and free samples of your product. Using handy tools and custom reporting dashboard can help reduce time to maximize the social networks exposure.

Creating impressive online brochures

You need to present your product to people and reply all relevant information they require if your want them engage fully with your products. However, that‘s quite difficult in case your store has a wide variety of products. The best solution now is to create online brochures for your products. By this way, you can add more information, images or even video about your product to help it display in better context.

Encouraging people to sign up for emails

In some industries, email marketing can drive sales better than social media. Therefore, to boost your sale much, you should invest time and effort to make sure that people sign up for your email maximum. Email marketing should be formed as inbounded marketing. If you invest to email marketing correctly, it can bring you the sales increased.

There are two things you need to concern when create email marketing are that the sign-up form is straightforward and quick to complete and the emails you send are relevant and no too sales oriented.

All tips we show above are impressive in increasing engagement with your Shopify store. Hope that you invest in right way and get much success.

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