10 efficient free Shopify apps to boost sales


10 efficient free Shopify apps to boost sales

In a huge number of apps in Shopify App store, it is in difficulty of choosing suitable ones for your website about efficient as well as price. Besides the awesome apps you must pay for, there are many efficient ones which are totally free. Almost store owners love the free apps because they can generate revenue without paying for anything.

Each year, the demands of store owners change and the significant apps also follow. Let’s see what the outstanding Shopify apps are in this 2017 which all merchants should care about.

  1. Aftership

Shipping is an important process of each trading, especially in e-commerce. To help you keep track of all shipping activities in your online store, Aftership contains many awesome features like:

  • Track all your shipments automatically(UPS, USPS, Fedex and 335+ couriers)
  • Display tracking results at your store
  • Notify customers as soon as appearing issues like in transit, out for delivery, delivered and exceptions
  1. Quick Facebook Live Chat

With Quick Facebook Live Chat, there is no longer chatting live with customers on store or replying customer’s questions via email. Now, you can allow customers to send messages to your Facebook page right on store and you can reply their messages via inbox as friends on Facebook. The conversations are saved with Facebook Messenger forever.

  1. Bulk Discounts

This is one of the must-have apps in all Shopify stores. It helps you resolve thousands of unique discount codes in a few minutes. With the support of Bulk Discounts, you can:

  • Create single use, limited use or unlimited use codes that expire after a certain date
  • Give each discount set a custom prefix Keep track of how many discounts have been used
  • Easily calculate conversion rate of discount sets Delete discount sets
  • Export discount sets as plain text

However, this app is not for stores on Shopify’s ‘Starter’ plan

  1. Receiptful

Receiptful allows you to charge all of your customer interactions to maximize your customer lifetime value. This app will help you send pretty email receipts, include targeted upsells ad product recommendations and modify your receipts.

  1. Happy Email

Happy Email support you send customers welcome email after the first trading signed up. These emails will be sent from the Founder’s email after 30mmins of singing up the first order.

  1. SEO Meta Manager

Optimizing search engines is always the most difficult process in running an online store. However, SEO Meta Manager will make it easier by more than 20 powerful features which simultaneously allow you to enhance control over your site’s SEO

  1. Infinite Options

This app is particularly for store owners who are frustrated by limited amount of 3 customizations on each product page. With this app, you can add personalization to any product as many as you want for any reason. This brings customers more products options to choose and as a result, helps increase the chance of selling your products.

  1. Persistent Cart

Persistent cart helps you decrease the rate of abandoned cart by saving all items in the cart when customer is logged in. When customers switch to other computer, it automatically adds back the previous items into their cart. With this app, you can get back lost revenue effectively.

  1. Alt Text

Alt Text is a tool helping optimize the search engine for your product images in Google. Search engines can detect the spam keyword in alternative text and drop your site in the rankings. You can have Alt Text write the alternative text instead of writing yourself

  1. Better Coupon Box

Better Coupon Box is good at marketing categories. This app is used by over 30.000 stores and reviewed at the high rate of efficiency in more than 10000 users.

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